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The Kent Test (11+)

Children wishing to enter a grammar school in Kent must complete the Kent Test (also known as the "Eleven Plus"). This exam is taken right at the start of year 6 at primary school. For more information about the Kent Test, please visit Kent County Council's website.

Pioneer Academy offers help to students wanting to not only prepare for the Eleven Plus exam but also lay a firmer foundation in their Maths and English skills for their senior school level. Using widely available resources, we help students build confidence and skill in each of the three areas:

  • Maths
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning

We provide a friendly, supportive and encouraging environment and are always delighted at the opportunity to invest in a young person’s life. We are able to help students develop confidence and skill in the verbal and non-verbal reasoning through practice and further understanding. We are also able to help students lay a more solid foundation in various mathematical concepts, enabling them to become more confident and skilled at understanding questions and applying their knowledge accurately.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you and your child with their Kent Test preparation, please contact us for more details.

Please read the section below, as it reveals the greater advantages of developing these skills...

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Preparing for life, not just the Eleven Plus

One of the largest factors that determines success in life is PREPARATION. As we all know, the more prepared one is for life, the better one’s chances are of fulfilling one’s potential.

  • No serious athlete runs a race without preparation and training,
  • No eloquent speaker delivers his speech without adequate research and practice,
  • No professional singer presents herself on stage without first priming her voice and breathing,
  • And no practicing doctor is permitted to safely deliver a licenced service without many years of study and preparation.

Indeed, we have even heard the famous saying, ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. Preparation increases our chances of being able to maximise our potential. It gives us the time to build a solid foundation, develop skills, sharpen those skills through practice, grow in confidence, and even helps diminish anxiety surrounding the event.

At Pioneer Academy we recognise that having solid foundations and key building blocks can make a significant difference in one’s motivation, confidence and application along one’s learning journey. Ignorance and knowledge are worlds apart, yet being introduced to some useful tools of understanding can transport one out of darkness into light. We therefore like to and are able to support individuals and journey with them, not just for an exam but for life. We believe in building life-long skills, not ‘exam-tailored’ or ‘tweaked’ skills.

The areas covered in the Eleven Plus exam include Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal reasoning. These areas of questioning are not only valid and relevant to the exam, but also to further education, employment and life in general. Skills in these four areas are actually used every day of our lives; we just don’t always realise it. So preparing for the Eleven Plus can be a journey of building not only a more solid foundation in Maths and English, but also developing confidence and skills in verbal and non-verbal reasoning. One has an opportunity to lay a more solid foundation for higher education, whether it be through grammar school or high school.

No learning journey is wasted, especially when the focus can be broader than the exam itself. Not only is it an opportunity to develop knowledge, understanding and skills, but also to grow and develop in one’s character, attitude, and approach to life. Along the way, one also learns some practical tips for reducing anxiety and coping effectively in test situations.

We can:

  • Introduce and familiarise you with the four main areas of the Eleven Plus exam
  • Help you, using widely available resources, to work through some practice papers and use the multiple choice answer sheets
  • Help lay some more solid foundations and building blocks in mathematical concepts, operations and application
  • Develop your understanding and use of the English language, enlarging you vocabulary, understanding of words and creative writing
  • Develop verbal and non-verbal skills in general
  • Help you develop skills and tools in solving problems
  • Give you keys to further unlock your learning
  • Facilitate a positive attitude towards yourself, the exam, and tests in general
  • Invest in your life by being a positive support and encouragement in your personal growth and development as an individual
  • Work with you and your abilities to help you further develop your potential

We cannot:

  • Mimick the real Eleven Plus test papers
  • Guarantee that you will pass the exam
  • Guarantee that you will be accepted into a grammar school
  • Cause you nor encourage you to function at a level that is unrealistic for you
  • ...and will not 'coach you'

Who you are is more important than what you do...or is it??

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